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Saturday, March 26, 2011

result SPM

alhamdulillah,.. SPM's results just come out on 23/03/2011,.. huhuhu,..praise to ALLAH,. coz i do get a quite excellent results,.. its totally unexpected,. hehe,..

i am was so so so relieved!!  coz i can put smile on my loved one's faces,.. hehe,..its quite an extraordinary feeling,..what a satissfaction!!,.. i am truly glad,..

all my hardworks is not a vain but it pays a lot..! which is,,making me feel satisfied,..but,,i do know that all of this wouldn't happpen if its not bcoz of  my parent blessing & also da prayer of my parent,,teachers & not forget friends too,.. & of coarse,.my foster bro & sis,.. hehe,.

tell u guyz something...ALLAH blessing lies in our parents blessing,.. so dear friends,.. never,,never,,never,.go against ur parents k??.. huhuhu,.. a reminder to myself too actually,..

really feels relieved,..wanna say thanx a lot to all, everyone who do pray 4 me,.. now,..please,.. do pray that i can a great place in university with da ryte coarse,.. :-) thanx!!,..