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Thursday, December 8, 2011

yea..i am stressed out!


the day i wrote this entry,,i am in deep frustrations,.. yea,,stressed out the most perfect word to describe it,..seriously.. its just not about assignments,..but,,its also include some other people's that involved in my life....

can I like,,deactivate my fb account?
sorry,,but,,i  REALLY need the time on my own,,,can i really do that?

as if I can do that right,..but,,,seriously,,i need that time,... hmm,.. i am bursting into tears now,.. yea... but,, when,,i thought about it back,,didn't it necessarily to deactivate my fb account,.. its just,,yea,,running away IS NOT gonna solve any problems,,right? so..why should i run then? why?

well,,,yea.. just need time to settle all these things,.. & yea,,thanks to da one that criticize me,,all of the it is somehow help me a lot! haha,,not kidding tis time,.. it is helping,.. well,,who are you to bring me down right? i have ALLAH,,my parents,my family...& my friends that know me far better than you are.. so,,please... just get out of my life,.. i don't need you,,the one that only know how to criticize others but DON'T KNOW how to ACCEPT others people's thought...

as for the one that know me,.. thanks a lot for being there 4 me,.. :-)
appreciate it a lot!
will not deactivate my fb account just because of someone that annoyed me.. will not gonna happen,.. :-)
feel relieved now,.. than before,.thanks my dear blog,.. haha..

Monday, December 5, 2011

assalammua'laikum,.. hi bloggers! how are you guys? well..hope you guys are in the pink of health...
yea..i'm fine,,alhamdulillah,..

okay,..wanna say my condolence towards KHAIRUL FAHMI CHE MAT a.k.a APEX..who lost his brother due to high fever & some said he has infections in his lung,.. may he rest with peace.. semoga ditempatkan dikalangan orang yg beriman,,takziah sekali lagi..

also,,wanna say my condolence towards ustaz SULAIMAN BIN ZAHLAN's family.. arwah ustaz merupakan Penasihat Jawatankuasa Penggerak Masjid di CTU UiTM Alor Gajah,,Melaka....that day,,I know that he was admitted in ICU due to heart attack..but,,i wasn't sure the reason why he passed away,.. emm,,, semoga ustaz ditempatkan di kalangan orang yang beriman.. takziah sekali lagi..

not forget,,today my inbox was full of messages that urged me to watch MHI and listens to HOT FM.. particularly,,i don't because i don't even know about the interview,.. yea,,the interview with our nation footballers..congrats 4 them,.. :-) proud3!!

right,,there's a lot to tell is it? hmm,,,i wonder..well,,kinda actually! i've been busy now,.. haa,,,assignments overwhelming!! huhuhuhuhuhu,.. a lot of things need to be settle,..yet,,have to find the source too,.. but... its okay,,its alright,.. i just love the way it is,..* pujuk hati sendiri ni.*. :-) hahahaha..

em,,missing my family,.. yea,,really miss them,.. i can burst into tears when i really miss them,.. & because of that,,i am in dire of going home this weekend.. yea,,insya-ALLAH,..hope that it would be okay...

actually,,for the time i writing this entry,,i am a lil bit feel offended with someone..yea.. its true,,not kidding! because of what yea ? behaviour! come on,,please have some respects towards me.. i am not,,the one that will simply go to someone that annoys me,,& blurt whatever in my mind.. i am NOT the one..seriously..
but,,what you did..really annoys me,... i can't accept it,,
but,,yea..will try to forget about it,,insya-ALLAH..

okay,,,stop 4 now.. will update soon,.. :-)
& guys,,please pray 4 me yea? so that,,everything will runs smoothly.. amin2,..ya rabbal alamin,.. right,,night everyone!