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Thursday, March 31, 2011

1 whole day

assalammualaikum,.. hyepz,.. opps,,cmlm xsmpt nk update pew2,.. mmg xsmpt gileerrr,. but don't worry,. nk story da niy,.. hehehe,..

k,,cmlm,..dgn rasminyew aq da dpt lesen P,.. hehehe,.. alhamdulillah,.. yg pling tharunyew,.. bla abah aq kata,.. "kak,,ko dh da lesen,..sat ja noh",.. em,,,actually aq fham pew mksud abah 2,.. so,. nk twu aq jwb apew,..?? ha,,aq ckpla,.. " 2 la kn,. sat jew,.. niy la yg owg kata proses pmbesaran & kematangan,.. haha,.." pastu,,abah aq pown gelak ckaly,..hahaha,..

then,. itew owg g cari moto,.. haha,.. tpy,,xtwula,.. didn't decide anything yet,.. juz cari2 dlu yg ne bkenan di aty & of course la,..bkenan dgn harganya kn??.. hehehe,..
crious ckp, xprnh g la g msuk kedai2 moto utk search2 mcm 2,.. first tyme!!!! tpy..k la kn,.. pngalaman,.. hehehe,..

after that,..niy kre sblah malam la pla,.. aq tlg adk aq dgn perbahasan dia,.. nk lawan ary niy pla 2,.. ha,,.all da best la 2 my dear bro,.. wt leklowk,..ilex2 jew,.. ahahaha,..

to frenz,.. nk say sorry if aq xda comment pew2 kt kowg nye blog,.. bkn xnk,.. tpy,,aq xrty la,. ceh!! wat mlu jew kn,.. blog aq,,aq twula nk post comment,.. tpy,,kt blog owg aq xtwu,.. crius,.. niy xtypu,..huhuhu,.. in betol2,bkn cobaan,.. haha,..
sory cgt yew,..

so,.. 2 jew la yg bley aq share kn utk cmlm,.. hehe,,, thanx 4 reading,.. :-)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


hehehe,.. aq xegt la bla,.. tpy,,yg aq egt yg bnda niy happen tyme hari coco skool,.. hehe,.. tyme 2,,aq msuk as PBSM,.. lawan dlm ptandingan mengikat tali anduh,.. tell u guyz what,,itew champion taw!!!!!!! hahaha,.tpy,,besela msuk ptandingan cm 2,,kna da partner,..

nsib baekla,,kpala dia k,..nk gk mlayan prangai aq yg gila2 niy kn,.. haha,.. thanx 2 my frenz,.. tbaek laa,.. hahaha,..

know something,.. YUS & JON RAJA LAWAK niy mmg happening gylewr,..!!!!!!
best taw blew diaowg dtg,..hahaha,..
aq,,xprnh jmpew diaowg live,.. tpy,,bla myembang 2,..diaoawg k jew,.. mcm da knal btahun2 pla,..hehe,..
mmg best,.. xprnh expect la nk jmpe diaowg,..hahaha,..
mmg shempoi laa,.. hehe,..

so,..niy da la cket2 pic tyme diaowg kt skool 2,.. do take a look ya,..hehehe,..

susah kew??..

em,,,mcari yg sesuai xsemudah yg disangkakn,.. 2 status aq kt fb tdy,.. entah knape,,tba2 aq trasa nk tlis cm 2,. bknla bmaksud aq ptus asa @ pnat,,tpy,,aq,.hurm,,ntahla,.. xtwu nk describe cm ne,..

idop niy,,da upside down kn,. leleaki2,..knapew la slalu dtg & pergi cm 2 jew,.. igt niy cnta touch & go kew,.. cintaku bukn jenis pakai buang,,biarla lbey dari shari,.. haha,..nyanyi suda,.. alamak,.. tlebey suda!!haha,..

dh2,. enough,.. xnk story about da sad things,.. xpewla,..biarkn jew msalah 2.. t dia sttla sndiri,. haha,..hope2 cm 2 la,.. amin,..

mlaz nk pkir byk2,..serabot!!!!!!!!


Monday, March 28, 2011

alhamdulillah,.. hehehe,.. :-)

~ 28/03/2011 ~

alhamdulilllah,.. dlm bulan 3 niy,,byk kjayaan yg aq perolehi,.. epy cgt2,, emm,,,lulus test moto,,then dpt resuts SPM seterusnyew lulus test kete,.. ya ALLAH,.. sesungguhnyew, bsyukur cgt2 ats cmua niy,..

so,..really wanna say thanx 2 my parent,,teachers & friends,.. & not 4get 2 everyone who always pray 4 me,.. thanx a lot,.. alhamdulillah,..

i am glad that i can put a smile in my loved one's face,.. hehe,..feel so relieved about it,.. thanx ya ALLAH,..

yg plg best nyew, abah ckp kjayaan spnjg thun..hehe,.. xkshla cmua 2,..yg pntgnyew, dpt mggembirakan diaowg yg slama niy da byk bkorban utk aq,.

so,.to EVERYONE,.. please,,,do pray 4 my future success ya,.. hope i will get a great university,,wth a great coarse & great success soon..amin,..may i can make my dreams come true,..amin,,amin2,..ya rabbal alamin,..

Saturday, March 26, 2011

result SPM

alhamdulillah,.. SPM's results just come out on 23/03/2011,.. huhuhu,..praise to ALLAH,. coz i do get a quite excellent results,.. its totally unexpected,. hehe,..

i am was so so so relieved!!  coz i can put smile on my loved one's faces,.. hehe,..its quite an extraordinary feeling,..what a satissfaction!!,.. i am truly glad,..

all my hardworks is not a vain but it pays a lot..! which is,,making me feel satisfied,..but,,i do know that all of this wouldn't happpen if its not bcoz of  my parent blessing & also da prayer of my parent,,teachers & not forget friends too,.. & of coarse,.my foster bro & sis,.. hehe,.

tell u guyz something...ALLAH blessing lies in our parents blessing,.. so dear friends,.. never,,never,,never,.go against ur parents k??.. huhuhu,.. a reminder to myself too actually,..

really feels relieved,..wanna say thanx a lot to all, everyone who do pray 4 me,.. now,..please,.. do pray that i can a great place in university with da ryte coarse,.. :-) thanx!!,..

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

nervous yo!!...

hmm,,ntah knape tba2 aq ase nervous pla,.. mybe coz ecowk results SPM akan kluar,.. ya ALLAH,.. berikanla hamba-MU ini kputusan yg cemerlang,..smoga aq dpt menggembirakan aty family aq ya ALLAH,.

cmlm,,bsday aq,.. thanx cgt utk yg wish,. tpy,,di setiap wish 2,..msty da yg pesan,.. t dpt result,,bgtwu,.. huhuhu,..mmg tkowt gylewr,..criously,..arap cmuanya akan bjalan dgn lancarla,.. amin,..

apew2 pown, kna fkir positif,.. aq da try yg tbaek,,.its tyme to tawakkal kpd ALLAH,..
ya ALLAH,.. berikanla hamba-MU ini kputusan yg cemerlang,..dgn 2,..membolehkan aq mlanjutkan pelajaran aq ke tmpt yg lbey tnggi,..amin,..

Monday, March 21, 2011

its my birthday,..

hehe,..alhamdulillah,.. i am now 18,.. first of all,,wanna appreciate my life coz ALLAH had gave me a chance to survive well untill today,.. thanx you ALLAH,..thanx also to my parents coz had raised me up untill now,.. u guyz was totally amazing parents in da world,.. love u guyz damned much,..hehe,..

soryy,,its been not updated 4 quite some tyme,.. its totally busy these few days,.. huhuhu,..
tell u guyz what,..this wed's i am gonna took my SPM results,.. YA ALLAH,.. please give me strength & guide me,..hope that i can get da flying colours so that i can put a smile on da people i love,.
:-) amin ya rabbal alamin,.
so,,dear friend,.. do pray 4 me ya,..

hehe,.. to b honest,..i am happy today,.. thanx to da people who wish 4 my besday today,.. hehe,.. u guyz r simply da best,.. love u guyszz,... hehe,..

on my bithday,..i do really hope da love cycle that exist in my life will stay 4 eva,..& also da relationship that had we share,.. it was awesome,.. hope we all wouldn't lose it,..amin,..
okay,..stop here by now,..otherwise people may get boring coz its being too long,,ryte??.. hehe,..
alryte, to all my frenz,.. & not forget,..peace to da world,..salam,..

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

x terlambat lagi kan??..

hehe,..asenyewr its still not too late nk say congratz to da malaysia badminton's heroes..ryte??.. ha,,y heroes??.. coz,,da 3 owg yg btungkus-lumus mahu membawa gelaran juara bagi all england championship,..
koo kien keat-tan boon heong & datuk lee chong wei,..

congratz3,.. really proud,..hehehe,..
to be honest,..mmg frust gylewr blew beregu ktew kalah,..ya,,4 sure i know it is so hard,.. & seeing that them lose was totally the things that i can't bear to see,.. they shouldn't lose that game!!!!!!
xsepatotnyewr,.. seharusnyew team ktew yg mnang,..sehausnyewr lagu negaraku yg diperdengarkn & dinyanyikan di sana,..

tpy,,2 la,..xdew rezeki kn,.. diaowg pown da cbe yg tbaek,.. so,..redha ajew la,..hehe,..nk wt cm ne kn,..

then,,nsib baek la datuk lee chong wei mnang!!!!! mgalahkan lin dan pla,..hehehe,..alhamdulillah,..pnawarla jga bagi beregu yg juz dpt silver medal,,ryte??..hehe,..

but,,anyway,.. kdua2 nyewr,,totally make me proud,,..sekalung tahniah kpd datuk lee chong wei & beregu negara,,koo kien keat-tan boon heong,.. smoga kalian akan twos success,.. & smoga badminton MALAYSIA akn lbey mju!!! yeayy!!!! hehe,..insya-ALLAH,.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

hikayat merong mahawangsa


yuhuu,..hehehe,..a big congratz @ a round of applause 4 KRU productions,..crew2,..da actor & actress, da director,,of coarse!! yusry,..& da script writer & all of da people who was invoved in making da film,..

yesterday, family & i went to da cinema,..try to watch da movies that cost 8 million ringgits,..yes..its hikayat merong mahawangsa,..this epic film revolves around many custom & traditions,,yet,,they can unite to overcome problems,..can't tell much here..u guyz got to go & watch it,.. it was superb!!!!! this film had upholding da ancient story or as known as history,..

some people says that,,history movies are boring,..but,,to me, was not,..hikayat merong mahawangsa,..totally great,,coz,,i even can't take my eyes of it,..don't wanna to miss any actions at all,,i guess,.. but,,seriously that was what i felt,..

b4 i went out from da cinema,..there are even spectators that are clapping their hands,..being satisfied i guess,..hehe,..actually,,i do felt da same too,..even my family had da same opinions with me,..hehe,.juz that,,we does not clapping our hands,..hihihi,.

a lot of moral story that we can learn in this film,..such as,,da loyalty to da king,..we have to be united in order to succeed,..cannot being selfish,..helping each other eventhough had a very2 different kingdoms,,traditions,,customs,,& religions,..
so,..does it still happen in our world??.. sorry to say,,but i guess all of da moral story slowly are being vanished in people heart's now,.. huhu,..

its not an accusation, is a fact,.. 4 sure i know its hard to believe,..but,,frenz, believe it coz its true,..juz look at da world now,.. what has happen??..
come on,,don't think so much,..lets talk about what happen to mesir..u guyz notice ryte what happen??..

okay,,back to da topic,..we are out of da topic,,i guess,.. hehe,..
4 sure,,go & watch da film,,..its was totally unique,..not same as another film,..
i am not promoting,..hehe,..since i am not gonna get any royalty 4 it,,hehe,..
but,,go & watch first,..then,,u will know why i told u guyz to go,..

okay??.. but,i am not forcing,.. it is totally up to u guyz,..this is just my suggestions,..
but,..hikayat merong mahawangsa was totally fantastic,.. hehe,.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

breakfast with my family,..


hehe,..this morning,,my family & i went 4 breakfast at McD,.. hehe,,,first tyme g breakfast kt cne,,2 yg xcited lbey,..haha,..alamak!! tlebey suda,.. hehe,..

em,,,first2 g,,mak ai!! rmy gylewr,..perhaps coz its saturday's morning,.. cty skool pla kn,.. mmg rmy la eh,..
ktewowg try set family breakfast,..ala yg dlm iklan 2,.hehe,..sodap3,..hehe,..tpy,,nsib baekla xrmy yg tgh beratur 2,.. klo x,,hampeh,,..huhu,..yewla,,xcited nk mknla katakan,.. hehe,..


da dpt our food,..apew ag,,bedal la!!,.. omak ai,..gelojohnyewr,.. hehe,..xla,..itewowg start la mkn,..hehe,..xknla nk tgk ajew kn,..hehe,..abiz mkn,,tyme 4 tking pic!!! haha,..

pkir2 blik,,wt trowk jew ktwowg tke pic kt cne,..tpy,,hey!! this is MALAYSIA la,.. we can do anything what we wanna do as long as x against da law,.. ryte??..

ckaly ckala,,dpt breakfast ckaly kt McD 2,,best gk,.. yewla,..slalunyew cmua bz dgn keje,,skool,,mcm2 ag la,.. so,,mmg really appreciate da moment so much,..thanx 2 my beloved family,.. i luv u guyz so much,..u guyz da best thing had ever happen to me,..
alhamdulillah,..may ALLAH bless all of us,..amin,..

Friday, March 11, 2011

earthquake in japan


berita yg menggemparkn!!!!!!!! blakunya gempa bumi di japan dgn 8.9 skala ritcher,.. then,pas 2,.. da blaku pla tsunami stinggi 10 meter,..

ya ALLAH,.. selamatkanla semua rakyat MALAYSIA & umat ISLAM yg berada di cne,.. lindungila mereka cmua,..

tgk kt brita tdy,..ase cemas sgt2,.. niy la dugaan dari ALLAH SWT,.
ada hikmah di sebalik cmua niy,..ktew cmua yg masih aman & sejahtera di MALAYSIA,. hargaila cmua kebebasn & pluang yg ALLAH beri pd kitew,. jgnla ktew alpa,.. niy 1 nasihat kpd diri sendiri jga actually,..

aq xla ckp yg aq perfect,,tpy pew yg blaku sdikit sbanyak memberi ksan yg mndalam pada diri aq coz,..tjadinya tsunami,..igt x tyme 26 dec dlu,,tyme blaku tsunami,..di acheh,.. mayat2 bgelimpangan di cne cni,..

rmy yg mjadi yatim piatu,..khilangan ahli keluarga yg tsayang,..isteri khilangan suami & sebaliknya,..anak2 kehilangan ibu bapa sebaliknya,.. 2 blaku di acheh,.di mana rmy populasinyew rmy owg islam,..sgt2 memilukan,..

kali ini,,ianya blaku di JEPUN,. tmpt di mana matahari terbit,.. tmpt di mana bkembangnyew teknologi dunia yg pesat,.. ktew cmua sedia maklum bahawa JEPUN merupakan negara yg ckup ckup maju,..

frenz,.. perasan x,.. dlm thun niy sje,,mcm2 da jdy di ats muka bumi ini,.. dgn pergolakn blaku di negara yg aq anggap paling aman-MESIR,.. then kt LIBYA,..& seterusnyew byk ag la,..2 cmua ptanda yg diberikn ALLAH,..
so,..amekla pluang utk ktew mgambil sdikit masa utk bmuhasabah diri,..kdg2,,sbagai mnusia,,ktew teralpa, kata TUN DR MAHATHIR,.melayu mudah lpew,..

so,.. cme2 ktew muhasabah diri ktew,.moga2 ktew mndapat manfaat daripada cmua niy,..hope jga spaya ALLAH sntiasa melindungi & melimpahkan rahmat kurnia-NYA ke ats kita,..insya-ALLAH,..amin,..

sooryyy,..if da yg tersa,.. niy juz my sngle opinion,..

cnta sejati VS cinta plastik

hehe,.wah2 tjowk,.. em,,actually i am not da ryte one to talk about this specifically sbnarnya,..hehe,..usia pown masih mntah ag,..da byk bnda perlu blajar ag,..ryte??.. ya,,i agree3,.. hehe,..

tpy,,aq twu 1 thing,..yg cmua owg dlm dunia memerlukan cnta,..xksahla cnta kpd siapa @ apew2 pown,..huhuhu,..everyone needs their own love meh,.. hehehe,..

ckp ttg CINTA SEJATI,,aq sndiri xtwu nk tafsirkan,..da only thing that i know is,,not every people can get it,..apatah lagi,,utk kaly kdua,..coz,..chances doesn't knock our door twice,..coz,,biasanya,..peluang xkn dtg buat kali kdua utk ktew,,,blew da dpt pluang,,do appreciate it frenz...

so, those frenz yg myayangi seseowg,..juz spell it out!! cinta bkn hnya bley ditafsirkan dgn kata2,,tpy jga diaplikasikan dgn perbuatan,..ryte now,,,bpew rmy owg yg tnjukkn yg dia syg seseowg 2,..tol x??.. hehe,..
so,,what u,,,what u waiting 4,.. hehe,..da cm lgu mizz nina x??.. hahaha,..

ha,,nk twu something x??.. nk gtawu 1 rahsia niy,,hehe,..ehem2,..sound check,.sound check,..hehe,..rahsia sepasang kekasih memiliki usia hubungan yg pnjg adala dgn wujudnya skp saling bkerjasama,..ktew & psgn sering saling mbantu dlm urusan remeh @ besar, 1,..sering menempuh segala aspek kehidupan bsama2 sehingga semuanya terasa amat menyenangkan meskipun tanpa membabitkan owg laen,,,frenz,..does it happen to u guyz??..

tell u guyz something,..salah 1 kiteria yg menentukan sesuai @ x someone 2 utk ktew adala,,keupayaannya utk bskap bsahaja di depan ktew,..ktahuila,..seseowg itu xkn mampu utk bpura2 di hadapan ktew melebihi 3 hari,..skp sebenar pasti akn tkeluar jga walaupown cket,.so,,beware frenz!!
ha,,2 la bwu dikatakan CINTA PLASTIK,..klo si dia mjady diri owg laen,,dlm erti kata laen,,bpura2,..

CINTA PLASTIK,..da yg kate cnta kpd material, nk yg kaya2 jew,..
tpy,,klo juz cnta kt muke yg handsme & lawa pown bley dikategorikan cnta plastik,,kn??..
so,..frenz,..don't do it ya, 4 me,..mmg xslah mcari psgn yg mukanya cun & kacak,,coz,..dgn diala ktew nk share everything slain mgadap muke dia ary2 kn,..tpy,..agk2 la,..jgn cmpy mata itu dibutakan dgn kcantikan rupa paras,..

even ISLAM sendiri da menggariskn pnduan memilih pasangan utk dijadikan tman hidup,..
so,,plihla seseowg 2 kerana agamanya,..keturunanya,,hartanya,..& then bwula kecantikannya,..

mnat & syg seseowg 2 biarla ikhlas dari dlm aty,,jgnla hnya kpd material & fizikalnya smata2,..blajarla terima kekurangannya & hargailah kelebihannya,..fahamila tol2 istilah nobody perfect in this world,..huhuhu,..
ktew,,seringkali tlupa smua 2,..xslh being perfectionist,,tpy,..knala pada tmpatnyew,..

CINTA SEJATI,..deria batiniah seolah2 akn dpt dbaca antara 1 sama laen,.. u guyz bley mbaca fikiran,..menduga reaksi & perasaan antara 1 sama laen,..
& apabila bsama dirinya membuatkan perasaa menjadi tenang,,selesa dan tanpa tekanan yg membebankn,..
not just that,.. si dia mrupkan owg yg ptama dtg member bantuan tatkala ktew dirundung musibah,..ha,..does it happen to u??..

so,,agk2,..bley fham x??.. ase2 bley beza kew x,? frankly speaking,,aq kna blajar byk ag utk recognise all those things,..hehe,..

kpd u guyz,..yg da found their true love,..appreciate it k,.. but to those..xpew,,take ur tyme,,itew cari cme2, owg utara kate,,pelan2 kayuh,,hahaha,..

to afifah dana

beb,,thank you so much,.. i do appreciate ur help,.. tbaek wok!!!!!!!! thanx,..

Thursday, March 10, 2011

hey hey hey,.. aq xpcyew cinta, xpcyew C,I,N.T.A.


emm,,talking about love,,i think that i can surely tell about it a lot,.. huhuhu,..but,,tonyte's,..i am totally not sure, be honest,,,i still can't figure out da mean of love internally,.. haha,..bfalsafahla pla,..hehe,.. tpy,,tol,..mmg xtwu ag,,haha,,aq mmg blurrr cket ttg niy,. tpy,,cnta thadap ALLAH,,MY PARENTS,,MY FAMILY,,THE EARTH,,THE TOP FASHION,..2 aq twu,.. hehe,..lwak r pla,..

bagi aq,.. cnta 2 ibarat rama2,.. lg ktew kjar,,lg jaoh dia lari,..& syuke dtg blewr xdijangka,..ase2 tol x??.. xla,,kdg2 ktew mmg xpernah xpect cnta nk muncul dlm idop ktew,..twu2 muncul ajew,..haha,.. confuse gk kekadang,..hehe,..

                         (gmbar rama2,..hehe,..ase2 comey x??..)

emm,,tpy,,criuz,.. aq xbrani nk bhadapn dgn cnta,.. tkowt terluka di akhirnya, lgu niy,..
" hati terluka bila ku sedar kau khianati cinta,..jiwa meronta bila ternyata kau duakn cnta,..sungguhku xmyangka bgini diakhirnya,..kau tinggalkn ku hati terluka,..
ku terima semuanya dengan tabah,..mengharapkan,..ada hiikmaaah,.."
ececeh,,feeling la pla,.. hehe,.

emm,,kowg agk2 pew asenyew blew ktew ase cm da jmpa da ryte one,,tpy,last2 dia blah tnggalkn ktew utk
owg laen,..huh,,sungguh unacceptable!!! huhu,,kekejaman aty sdang blaku,.. eeeee,,,geram!!
eh2,,over jew aq niy,,haha,..

so,,betterla b sngle 4 da moment,,blewr break off,,msty heart broken,..pastu,,akn ckp cmua gulz & guyz cme ,.. huhuhu,,that was totally a big mistake!!!! don't do it dear frenz,.. ktew xbley hukum owg laen ats ksalahn owg laen,,ryte??.. so,,redha yew,.. coz,.ALLAH sntiasa bsama ktew,..yupz,..totally i know it was hard,.. coz,..i've had go through it too,..


entah knape,..lgu niy tol2 melekat dlm jiwa aq,..mybe sbb ianya mrupakn salah 1 lgu yg mnjady sumber kekuatan aq,.. bkn nk typu @ mnumpang glamor lgu niy,,but niy tol2,..ini betol2,,bukan cobaan!! hehe,..
lagu niy pnuh dgn kata2 semangat,.. yg ckup bley mnenangkn para pndengarnya,..stuju??..hehehe,.

eh,,cm lari topik jew niy,.. bkn ptot ckp ttg cnta kew,, haha,.. k2,..back to da topic, my life,,aq ase aq xprnh ag rmpas hak owg,..owg adala yg syuke rampas hak aq,.. xptot2,.. dhla 2,..blewr dia break pla,..sesedap ase jewr nk kta aq prampas,.. huhu,,cdey aq,.. aq rampas tol2 kang,,bwu twu!!,,huhuhu,,tpy,,aq bkan cm 2,.. mama & abah aq xprnh mgajar aq utk mrampas hak owg,,,insya-ALLAH,.. i won't do it,. ya ALLAH,,jaohknla hamba-MU ini dari cmua pkara yg xdiingini,..amin,.

coz,,aq pown twu how it feels,.. cdey beb,.huhu,. da byk kaly kna pown,..cmpy kdg2 smpati kt aty aq,..mjady mangsa kekejaman kpd diktaktor aty di luar cne yg gmar mgambil ksempatan ke ats owg laen sekaligus mnampakkn ciri2 seowg yg selfish dlm diri,..hehe,..tpy,,crius,.. cdey cgt2,..da ase2 cm mnum air pnas dgn sakit tekak taw,.. hehe,..

pling pnting,,,jgn cpt putus asa,..hehe,,psanan kpd tuan empunya badan jga niy,.. kdg2 tgk2 membe punye love story,,aq pla ase tkowt,..bkn pew,,da yg k,,da yg gak yg k.o. hehe,..

so,..renung2 knla & selamt beramal,.. hehe,..niy juz my opinion,..sorry if hurting anybody,..

alhamdulillah,..praise to ALLAH,..

congratz 4 MALAYSIAN SQUAD 4 da winning,..alhamdulillah,.. confuse gylewr cmlm,.. maen kew x,.huhuhu,.. rupanya maen yew,..tkilan cket coz xdpt nk tgk,.. but,,its sokeyla,.. jnji MALAYSIA da mnang,..hehehe,..


hehe,..actually,..ase cm xtwu pew da jdy cmlm,.. da game kew x??.. tpy,,LIVE xdew,,,i guess,..mmg xdewla kowt,..mybe postpone,,ryte??..tpy,,apew2 pown,,hope team MALAYSIA akan okay2 ajew..huhu,. xla,,diaowg stay kt pakistan 2 da la ase rsau jga,. huhuhu, x nyew, da ltupan bom yg mgorbankn 20 owg warga pakistan,.. yg mnambahkn kbimbangan ag adala,..ltupan bom 2 blaku dlm lbey kuang 200 km dari hotel our MALAYSIAN player,.. huhuhu,.. but,,its juz a basic info,.. xtwu,,btol2 veified x,..

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


assalammualaikum,.. emm,,all this while always talk about wanna have my own blog,.. finally,.. i do hve 1 now,.. hehehe,..alhamdulilllah,.. alryte,. tyme to go to bed,.. nyte,..

emm,,entahla mlm niy,.. pkul bpewla nk tydo,.. wt blog mmg complicated kew??.. hehe,..