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Sunday, March 13, 2011

hikayat merong mahawangsa


yuhuu,..hehehe,..a big congratz @ a round of applause 4 KRU productions,..crew2,..da actor & actress, da director,,of coarse!! yusry,..& da script writer & all of da people who was invoved in making da film,..

yesterday, family & i went to da cinema,..try to watch da movies that cost 8 million ringgits,..yes..its hikayat merong mahawangsa,..this epic film revolves around many custom & traditions,,yet,,they can unite to overcome problems,..can't tell much here..u guyz got to go & watch it,.. it was superb!!!!! this film had upholding da ancient story or as known as history,..

some people says that,,history movies are boring,..but,,to me, was not,..hikayat merong mahawangsa,..totally great,,coz,,i even can't take my eyes of it,..don't wanna to miss any actions at all,,i guess,.. but,,seriously that was what i felt,..

b4 i went out from da cinema,..there are even spectators that are clapping their hands,..being satisfied i guess,..hehe,..actually,,i do felt da same too,..even my family had da same opinions with me,..hehe,.juz that,,we does not clapping our hands,..hihihi,.

a lot of moral story that we can learn in this film,..such as,,da loyalty to da king,..we have to be united in order to succeed,..cannot being selfish,..helping each other eventhough had a very2 different kingdoms,,traditions,,customs,,& religions,..
so,..does it still happen in our world??.. sorry to say,,but i guess all of da moral story slowly are being vanished in people heart's now,.. huhu,..

its not an accusation, is a fact,.. 4 sure i know its hard to believe,..but,,frenz, believe it coz its true,..juz look at da world now,.. what has happen??..
come on,,don't think so much,..lets talk about what happen to mesir..u guyz notice ryte what happen??..

okay,,back to da topic,..we are out of da topic,,i guess,.. hehe,..
4 sure,,go & watch da film,,..its was totally unique,..not same as another film,..
i am not promoting,..hehe,..since i am not gonna get any royalty 4 it,,hehe,..
but,,go & watch first,..then,,u will know why i told u guyz to go,..

okay??.. but,i am not forcing,.. it is totally up to u guyz,..this is just my suggestions,..
but,..hikayat merong mahawangsa was totally fantastic,.. hehe,.