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Monday, March 21, 2011

its my birthday,..

hehe,..alhamdulillah,.. i am now 18,.. first of all,,wanna appreciate my life coz ALLAH had gave me a chance to survive well untill today,.. thanx you ALLAH,..thanx also to my parents coz had raised me up untill now,.. u guyz was totally amazing parents in da world,.. love u guyz damned much,..hehe,..

soryy,,its been not updated 4 quite some tyme,.. its totally busy these few days,.. huhuhu,..
tell u guyz what,..this wed's i am gonna took my SPM results,.. YA ALLAH,.. please give me strength & guide me,..hope that i can get da flying colours so that i can put a smile on da people i love,.
:-) amin ya rabbal alamin,.
so,,dear friend,.. do pray 4 me ya,..

hehe,.. to b honest,..i am happy today,.. thanx to da people who wish 4 my besday today,.. hehe,.. u guyz r simply da best,.. love u guyszz,... hehe,..

on my bithday,..i do really hope da love cycle that exist in my life will stay 4 eva,..& also da relationship that had we share,.. it was awesome,.. hope we all wouldn't lose it,..amin,..
okay,..stop here by now,..otherwise people may get boring coz its being too long,,ryte??.. hehe,..
alryte, to all my frenz,.. & not forget,..peace to da world,..salam,..


MOH@MAD H@FIZ said...

Selamat Hari Lahir awk..
semoga pnjng umur dan dimurahkn rezeki..
jangn risau la..
insyaallah result nanti gempak..

bella said...

thanx ya,.. em,,insya-ALLAH,.. amin2,..amin ya rabbal alamin,.. doakn sy yew,..

MOH@MAD H@FIZ said...

sure sy doakn untuk kejayaan bersama...

bella said...

amin,.. hehe,.. thanx!!