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Saturday, January 14, 2012

happy new year everyone! :-)

assalammua'laikum,.. & hi guyz!

sorry for not updating for quite sometime,,its been quite a month! hohoho,.. anyway,,there's a lot of thing happenned lately,.. well2,,before that,,again,,wishing happy new year to everyone,.. :-)

so,,what should i write? tell you the truth,,can't possibly write on any topic now,.. well,...alright,,let's talk about football,.. okay,,my favorite defender now start to be playing with another team,,its terengganu! no longer harimau muda.. nevermind,,best of luck 2 him,,,

right,,wanna talk about OMBAK RINDU,.. hahaha,,guess what,, i've watched it! nice one,.. i just loved the songs! hahahahaha,... its makes me think,,that eternal happiness are not easy to be grab but yet we really have to be patience,.. like the dialogue that somehow attract me,,(until now can remember it! hehe)
"redha itu ikhlas,, pasrah itu menyerah"
yea,,thats is it,.. for those who have been my friend in fb,.. you guys surely did saw this as my status once,.. to tell you the truth,,i was just finished watching the film,.. the script is superb!

next,,wanna tell about HIJAB! indeed,,i watch it a little bit late than others,, watch it through my mom's ipad.. :-)  nice story too,.. it has a lot to be tell about, really get the real meaning that the script wanted to convey,.. there's a saying that i remembered,..but it is not in the script laa~ hehe.
" sometimes,,, there's a thing,,that you really like,,but its actually not good for you,, meanwhile,,sometimes,,there's a thing,,you actually don't like it,,but yet,,it is the one for you,.."
well... ALLAH knows what the best for us,,right?

so,,what more? oh yea,,what a hectic months indeed!hahahaha,. i actually have already missed my family,,wanna come back home... huhuhuhuhuhu.... so,,another week to go to chinese new year,,insya-ALLAH,,i'll be back! hahahaha,,pray 4 my journey yea? thanks anyway!

alright,,,i think thats all for now,.. will update it more soon,,insya-ALLAH,, :-)