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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

new class..

em,,today is 23/11/11... yea..its been almost 3 days since the new semester starts... tell you guyz what,,been in the other class (not the class in last sems) make me feel uncomfortable,.. but,,only at first, feel kinda odd ! huhuhu,..

right,,enough about that,.. yea,,perhaps,,its still new,.. & people tend to make a lot of assumptions toward others,... hey..first impressions is the last impressions right? either actually,.. but,,i do stick at the principle "do not judge the book by its cover".. yea.. i did that.. but,,when they have showed their true color,,yea..what more to expect..its their attitude right!

okay,,get back to the schedule,,well,,i think,.. quite pack,,but,,i just love it!! :-)
roommate? yea..okay.. college too! :-) alhamdulillah...

what more hmm?
oh yea..the football game,.. congrats MALAYSIA 4 sustaining the gold medal,.. hahaha,..proud to be MALAYSIAN,...
and,,tonight... there will be another game right? ahaa.. the senior team! MALAYSIA VS SYRIA.. haha.. well,... best of luck & make us proud yea?
victory2,,,please.. :-)

one more thing that i would wanna share,.. my feet,.. melecet! alahai,.. cdeyh! seriously,,i'm not pulling ur legs,.. its really hurt me! :-(
thought of going to clinic,,but then yea,.. what they'll do is only by giving cream that might help to reduce the pain & plaster,.. yea,,plaster,.. i am running out of it now,.. huhuhuhuhu..

okay,,,thats 4 now,.. later on,,insya-ALLAH,,i'll update some more yea? thanks for reading! keep following my blog friends!
salam 1 malaysia..