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Saturday, June 25, 2011


assalammualaikum,.. ya ALLAH,.. da lama sesangat xtulis kt cni,.. rindu2,.. tQ utk yg sentiasa visit my blog, sory coz x dpt update seaktif dlu,.. life kt university mmg laen seh,..! i am trying my best 2 cope up with the situation,.. to be honest,,,its is definitely hard since i've never stayed far from my family,... but,,as i said just now,,trying to cope with the air,.. trying to do all things by myself,... huhuhu,..

alright,,lets talk about the campus life,.. alhamdulillah,,quite k,.. my class usually ends up untill evening,.. what a day!! but,,its qute fun,.. do love it so much,..!! assignments??.... ya ALLAH,,mmg byk,.. kdg2 xsmpat,.. tpy,,da gak yg sempat,.. hehehe,..

being here,,there's a lot of things that i've learned,.. being here giving me a lot,,a lot,,a lot of new lessons and experience,.. being in a "true world" is not easy as u ever thought of it,... so,,really2 need to prepare urself well b4 u entering the "true world"..

hmm,,its quite sometime too since i've last watching the football's game,... ya ALLAH,.. how i miss that moments so much,.. well,,i've heard da news,.. so,, congrats MALAYSIAN PLAYERS!!! thumbs up 4 u guyz,.. keep it up,.. jgn mudah mbangga diri,,.and,,jgn mudah terleka,.. there's still a long way to go,.. insya-ALLAH,.. we'll make it well,..

ttg hiburan pla,..alamak,.. mmg da xtwu apew2,.. ahahahha,.. ctew2 kt tv pown,,da xtertengok.. hehehe,... xsmpat seh,.. hehe... tpy,yg twu an.. em,, sepah jady juara maharaja lawak,.. then,,diikuti dgn jozan and nabil,.. haa,,tol x??  terer an?? hehe,.. congrats! but,,jambu pown actually gempak jga,.. best3,.! tahniah utk semua,...

hmm,,,,mnggu niy an,,xdpt alek coz da induction... hope2,,cmuanyew k,.. next week,,,da koir,.. xtwu bley alek kew x,.. the other week,, da school projects,, omak aii,.. huhuhu,.. rndu kt mama,,abah,, & adik,..! rindu sesangat.... xtypu taw,... hehe,.. okayla,.. da pnjg sesangat niy,.. t2,,i'll update g k??
peace to da world,.. assalammualaikum,..