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Friday, October 14, 2011

sorry,,tpy memang x pro!

assalammua'laikum,.. hi everyone,..first of all,,wanna say sorry 4 not updating the blog,..yes,,i am sorry... totally sorry,.. actually,,i've been busy with myself these last day,...  so,,upon request by few close friends that asked me to update,,but then,,yaa,,now i am,..
well,,alhamdulillah,.. final exam & test had already being done,... hope will get the best result 4 it,..
dear pray 4 me yaa?

alright,,back to my entry,.. its about the football! hmm,,football? yaa,,football,.. just now,,i've just watched the game between kelantan & terengganu,.. it WAS NOT professional! seriously,.. particularly,,i am so sorry for saying like this,,but just can't take it anymore,. the game wasn't so fair! really didn't agree with the ref!

hmm,,,,what should i say yaa? nothing much exactly,.. just,,, a few people did asked me to write about ref nowadays,,but just,,i could not,,since i wasn't totally aware of it,.. but tonight,,yaaa,,i did watch the game,..& now i understand why people keep asking me to write about it,.. well,,,i don't know what to say or even write,,but just let see at the newspaper,.. i think it answer why,.. am i right? the article in newspaper are actually the answer for the request..

well,,,congrats for the team that qualify to the next game,.. keep up the momentum!
and,, to my dear beloved tokteh & her husband,,, & also makteh and her husband,..  & not forget,,all people that will go for pilgrimage & to perform their Hajj in Mekah,, i pray that you all will go & back safely,... do pray also for me yaa? btw,,tc everyone!